Update 9/4/19

Dorian Update 9/3/19

Dorian will make some form of an impact on the Wilmington area guaranteed. 

We are going to be prepared for anything at this point. Since we cannot guarantee the exact path of Dorian or travel conditions our plans will be under the following conditions:

  1. At this time we are planning on/expecting the ceremony will be postponed. However, we will not be able to make any decisions in regards to what date we will hold the ceremony until Dorian has passed. We apologize for the short notice.
  2. We will make the best of what we’ve got on Saturday if the following holds true: 
  • Power is not lost for an extended period of time, roads are clear, very little impact from Hurricane Dorian.
  • Travel from Richmond VA to Wilmington NC MUST BE CLEAR  for Kimberly’s mother. If she cannot get here, we will not have an official wedding ceremony. She also cannot be stranded in a gridlock of traffic & not able to get home.

At this point we advise anyone from out of town to make their own calls on attempting to travel or not at their discretion. If it is best to cancel flights now please do so. Please do not feel obligated to travel with unexpected weather conditions. 

At this time we would like for everyone to know we understand making the travel decision for most must be made sooner than later & attending the wedding is not an option for some. We do not wish for anyone to be stranded in airports, on the highway or otherwise due to complications of Dorian. 

If you can get here, live here or are already here & want to visit you are more than welcomed to, wedding ceremony or not. 

We also understand by making this call ahead of time travel may not be an issue, however we will not know until she has left. We apologize in advance for recommending everyone play it safe in the event she goes off shore & have cancelled their travel arrangements. If it’s a beautiful day & things go better than expected whoever is present in the area are welcome to join us in the post Dorian event. 

If Kimberly’s mom can make it, Tails Piano Bar is dry and has air conditioning and Milner’s has power/something (literally anything) to cook for whoever is in town we will throw the best post hurricane party in history. All formalities are officially out the door! 

Dorian Update 9/1/2019

As of Sunday 9/1/19 we have not cancelled the wedding due to weather. Please check back often for updates.

At the moment we will postpone if possible under the following conditions: extensive rain causing flooding/difficulty with travel locally. Power outages preventing food storage/preparations.

We expect to make an official decision Wednesday or Thursday of this week if nothing changes in Dorian’s projected path. Please let us know if you are coming from out of town & travel accomodations have been affected.

Email us at DukeDuchessDesignCo@gmail.com or call/text one of us with any questions, concerns or updates. Thanks!!

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